The Space War

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The Space War is a new card game similar to Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering but with a list of improvements. See more about the game on the homepage.

We offer a 40% lifetime commission of all sales of your referrals. Register your free account and use your unique referral link when promoting this website.

People registering using your referral link will receive 50 credits which is nice for you to offer them. You will also receive credits (10 + 10%).

Your referrers and your referral link

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What kind of real money are we talking about?

Currently the only real money is the selling of First Edition Cards as NFTs. There will only ever exist 102 (one for each card) and there is no doubt that all of them are going to be sold and increase in value - the only question is how fast they will be sold and who will get the commission.

Example: an NFT with the price 0.5 ETH is sold. 40% of that is currently $723 which will be paid by PayPal to the affiliate.

In the future there will be more real money sales, and the commission will cover that as well. The only exception is sales of physical products which will not be covered.

If the referral did not use the referral link?

Tell them to go to Account Edit and fill in your username under the field "Referrer".

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