The Space War

Card Game

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The Cards

Below are the cards belonging to the Core deck.

Additional decks

Complete card list in table format can be found here.


You choose your commander at the beginning of the game after you have established your start hand. Each commander gives you a unique power or ability.

Spaceship Cards

These can move and attack. Sometimes they have special abilities.

Event Cards

Playing an event card means that something happens a single time. The card gets placed directly in the discard pile.

Duration Cards

These cards stay on the table and alters the game in some way. The action cost of the card has to be paid for each turn for it to continue be in play.

Missile Cards

More powerful and quicker than spaceships but they are destroyed when hitting their target.

Defense Cards

These defends your space station, they cannot move.

Station Rule Cards

These are for remembering the rules and have no function in the game.

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