The Space War is a fast-paced strategic 2 player card game.
It has a play time of around 30-45 minutes and uses several new interesting game mechanics.
Both players has the same deck of 60 cards and all cards are included in the game.

Easy to learn but difficult to master.
Each card can be played in several ways but the game is still simple.

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The game is created by me, Jim Westergren, in my spare time.
I have more than 70 board and card games but The Space War is what I by far enjoy most to play.

Compared to Magic The Gathering it is according to me (yes, I am biased) much more fun to play,
bit more simple and with much less luck. And of course not "pay to win".

Current status:

Jim is play testing and fine tuning the cards.
Gabriel is making the final missing art.
August is creating the online game.

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Jim Westergren

Feedback & testing:
Alvin Westergren, Neyda Westergren and many more

Gabriel Stiernström, Luca Oleastri and others

Developer of online game:
August Alexandersson

Programmer of card generator script:
René Huanco

Card template design:
Marco Aguilar