The Space War

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Card: Fast Missile Card: Trigger-Happy Joe Card: The Dark Destroyer Card: Luck Card: Time Warp

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The Space War is a new fast-paced strategic 2 player card game.

Better than Hearthstone? Better than Magic? Hell yeah!! 💪😅

All cards included directly for free 👍.

More like chess and not a pay-to-win game 😄.

The game is played the same offline or online in the browser (desktop, tablet or phone).

No booster packs, no RNG cards, no dead cards and no resource cards.

Choose between 3 preset decks or mix the cards and make your own deck.

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5 minute intro video

Video Transcript

What is The Space War card game and why do I think it is an amazing game?

Hi I am Jim and I am the creator of this new card game - The Space War.

I have been playing card games on and off the last 25 years - for example Magic, Hearthstone, Dominion, Doomtrooper and many others. I also play a lot of modern board games.

In the summer of 2018 I started working on my own card game which in my opinion is much better than other similar games.

[ Showing and explaining the new game mechanic that makes this game different than other similar games ]

[ Quick demo of online play ]

[ Quick demo of offline play ]

Said About the Game

The way the stations work, allowing you to customize and manipulate your actions, is very, very clever. I also like how it functions as your life meter, meaning there is no need for health counters.

- Anonymous Cardboard Edison Award Judge

Very elegant design with solid core and interesting core mechanics.

- Suzanne Zinsli, Cardboard Edison Award Judge

Card games is a big part of my life and I have played many different games the last 25 years including Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Dominion, RftG, Star Realms, Doomtrooper, different classic card games and other CCGs but The Space War is what I enjoy most to play in a 2 player game ... by far.

We have more than 60 modern board games and I just asked my 10 year old son what is his favorite game of all time and he answered The Space War without any hesitation. I think the same. We have played the game on a regular basis for 2 years now.

- Jim Westergren

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Article by Jim Westergren:
Creating The Space War - The Card Game of My Dreams