The Space War

Card Game

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Constructed Play

Constructed means that you play with your own deck that you have created.

You can play The Space War in a constructed format, both offline and online (online coming soon). Create your constructed decks on this page. See also Rules for an Official Match.

Constructed Rules

  1. You may include any published cards from any of the decks to make your own unique deck.
  2. Maximum of 3 copies of each card except Drone which you can have 10 copies of.
  3. Select any commander for your deck.
  4. Deck size must be between 50 and 70 cards.
  5. Proxies (cards printed from this site) are ok when playing, even in official tournaments (as long as card sleeves are used).

Restricted cards:

Changelog During Playtesting

These rules could be changed in the future depending on the health of the meta.


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