The Space War

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Rules for an Official Match

Support for Match Play online will come in the near future.

  1. If play according to these Match Rules are not mandatory (most probably mandatory in tournaments and other organized play) both players need to agree that they play with the match rules before starting to play.
  2. Best of three games. Mandatory logging of each game to save scoring progress (done on the Account page if playing offline, automatically if playing online).
  3. Valid decks are any of the official preset decks or a constructed deck according to the rules of constructed play.
  4. Players switch deck for their second game. Around 5 minutes are given to players to study the deck of their opponent before starting to shuffle and play.
  5. If the standing is 1-1, decks are switched back again for a third game.
  6. Each player has a time limit of 20 minutes per game. Use a chess clock when playing offline. If the time runs out the player has a final chance to win the game before the opponents next action phase or else the player looses the game.

Changelog During Playtesting

These rules could be changed in the future.

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