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Fast Missile

Name Fast Missile
Cost 2
Type Missile
Attack 2
Defense 1
Deck The Terrans
Copies 1
Text Fast (can move the first turn).
Artist Gabriel Stiernström
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The Fast Missile shoots any target directly. It is many times used to do the final damage to win the game.

Good for stopping Fast Missile

Card: Energy ShieldCard: LuckCard: Disturbing SensorCard: Disturbing SignalsCard: Return

Compare With

Card: Acid Projectile

Good Together With

Card: DuplicationCard: Missiles Launched

Changelog During Playtesting

Design Notes From Jim

Part of the initial list of cards created in the summer of 2018. Never changed. Had originally 2 in The Terrans deck but it was considered too strong so 1 copy was removed.

Is having 3 of those too good in a constructed deck? No, it does not seem so considering all the good shields and easy way to stop missiles.

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