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Name Luck
Cost 0
Type Event
Deck The Terrans
Copies 4
Text Counter a card costing 2 or less.
Artist Vasyl Duda
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Luck is one of those cards you get happy to get on your hand. With it you can counter a majority of the cards in the opponents deck.

Cards commonly countered by Luck

Card: Fast MissileCard: Explosive MissileCard: CancelCard: DroneCard: Perfect PlanCard: AvoidCard: Target MissedCard: AmbushCard: ReturnCard: Toxic GasCard: Destroy DurationCard: NeutralizationCard: Destiny Decided

What can stop Luck?

Card: LuckCard: FateCard: AvoidCard: CancelCard: Destiny DecidedCard: Time Warp

Compare With

Card: Fate

Changelog During Playtesting

Design Notes From Jim

Probably the best counter card in the game. Fun card to play with and one of those cards that makes The Space War the game it is.

All constructed decks will probably have 3 copies of this card, but I am ok with that. It is not too powerful.

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