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Trigger-Happy Joe

Name Trigger-Happy Joe
Cost 2
Type Spaceship
Attack 1
Defense 2
Deck The Terrans
Copies 1
Text Can attack twice per turn.
Artist Luca Oleastri
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Trigger-Happy Joe is a card that can be good in some situations, for example to destroy 2 different targets in a single turn. Together with Full Attack it becomes a truly great card doing 2 + 2 damage in a single turn.

Cards Good With This

Card: Full Attack

Targets with just 1 defense

Card: DroneCard: PursuiterCard: Defense CannonCard: Alien Missile

Changelog During Playtesting

Design Notes From Jim

Part of the initial list of cards created in the summer of 2018. Never changed.

Without Full Attack it is kind of weak card but it is a strong card when playing versus The Swarm considering the huge amount of Drones.

Is having 3 of those + 3 Full Attack too good in a constructed deck? No, it is not fast enough to be considered a problem.

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