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The Dark Destroyer

Name The Dark Destroyer
Cost 8
Type Spaceship
Attack 7
Defense 10
Deck The Terrans
Copies 1
Text When played: destroy any card in play. Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both).
Artist Luca Oleastri
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The Dark Destroyer is the most badass ship in this section of the galaxy. A fire power that kills almost anything that it shoots and almost impossible to kill in a normal way.

The ability to destroy any card on the table is truly a powerful ability.

Cards Good Against This

Card: Nuclear MissileCard: EMP MissileCard: Target MissedCard: ParalyzerCard: The Dark Destroyer

Another The Dark Destroyer can be played to destroy the opponents The Dark Destroyer.

Cards Good With This

Card: LuckCard: Destiny DecidedCard: Disturbing SensorCard: Big Repair ShipCard: Small Repair ShipCard: Fusion Ship

Luck is important to counter most good cards against this. Destiny Decided also blocks Supernova. The repair ships is not only for reactivating from an EMP attack but also for repairing damage. Fusion Ship can be used to get it to play faster.

How To Counter It

Card: CancelCard: Avoid

Compare With

Card: Starship

Changelog During Playtesting

Design Notes From Jim

One of the first cards ever created and one of the most powerful cards in the game.

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