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The Swarm3Carrier7Spaceship06After first turn: send out 3 Drones (discard + draw pile). Put them into play in the same zone as Carrier.
The Swarm15Drone1Spaceship11If played from hand: you may draw a card.
The Swarm4Toxic Gas1DurationDuring your draw phase: deal 1 damage to enemy station, shields protects but receives 2 damage instead of 1.
The Swarm2Fusion Ship2Spaceship13After first turn instead of move & attack: Replace this and 2 ships in same zone by one spaceship from anywhere.
The Swarm4Shield1Defense03Protects base station. (You can have several Shield in play at the same time.)
The Swarm3Alien Missile1Missile51Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both). Damage goes through shield.
The Swarm3Acid Projectile1Missile11If played from hand: you may draw a card. Fast (can move the first turn).
The Swarm3Paralyzer6Spaceship25If attacking a spaceship: target gets paralyzed (turn the card sideways and it cannot do anything until repaired).
The Swarm3Destroy Duration1EventDestroy a duration card [ OR ] Draw 2 cards and then discard a card.
The Swarm2Base Command Link2DurationDuring your draw phase: draw 2 extra cards.
The Swarm2Revive Procedure3EventBring back 1 or 2 cards from your discard pile to your hand. The combined action cost of these cards cannot be more than 6.
The Swarm2Time Warp2DurationCards cost 3 more actions to play (affects both players).
The Swarm2Repair Ship1Spaceship02Ability (instead of attack): repair 1 station damage or 3 other damage.
The Swarm2Disturbing Signals1DurationEnemy missiles cannot move or attack.
The Swarm2Collision Skill3DurationYour spaceships can now do collision instead of attack (the spaceship is destroyed in the attack) with 3 damage.
The Swarm3Drone Leader4SpaceshipX5Attack value of X is equal to the number of Drone cards you have in play. Fast (can move the first turn).
The Swarm3Sacrifice1EventBoth players discard a card in play (if possible).
The Swarm2Nitro1DurationYour spaceships are fast (they can move the first turn they enter play).

Control counting of deck sizes: The Terrans = 0, The Swarm = 60, United Stars = 0.

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