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The Terrans1The Exterminator5Spaceship57Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both)
The Terrans1The Dark Destroyer8Spaceship710When played: destroy any card in play. Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both).
The Terrans1Stormfalcon4Spaceship53Normal spaceship.
The Terrans1Titan5Spaceship39Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both)
The Terrans2Explosive Missile2Missile42Normal missile.
The Terrans1Fast Missile2Missile21Fast (can move the first turn).
The Terrans2EMP Missile2Missile03Can destroy a shield, or paralyze a spaceship (turn the card sideways and it cannot do anything until repaired).
The Terrans1Nuclear Missile2Missile103Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both). Damage goes through shield.
The Terrans2Full Attack2DurationYour spaceships (not missiles or cannons) gain +1 attack value.
The Terrans2Good Karma2DurationDuring your draw phase: draw 3 extra cards. After your draw phase: discard 1 card from your hand.
The Terrans2Neutralization2DurationOther duration cards have no effect. Discard from play any time: destroy another duration card.
The Terrans2Over Capacity1DurationYou have no maximum hand size. During your action phase you may look at and put any of your bottom row station cards to your hand.
The Terrans3Excellent work2EventPlace this card as an extra station card. [ OR ] Draw 3 cards.
The Terrans1Supernova8EventDestroy all cards except station cards. Each station takes 3 damage.
The Terrans3Target Missed0EventPlay during an enemy attack to make the attack fail (missiles are destroyed after attack as normal).
The Terrans1Missiles Launched5EventSearch for 2 missile cards (red cards) from your draw and discard pile and put them into play. Shuffle your draw pile if searched.
The Terrans2Perfect Plan2EventSearch for a card from the draw pile, discard pile or station cards and put it into your hand. Shuffle the draw pile if searched.
The Terrans2Pursuiter1Spaceship21After the first turn, can be sacrificed instead of attacking to deal 4 damage to a target in the same zone (collision).
The Terrans1Grand Opportunity4EventDraw 5 cards, then discard 1 card from your hand. This turn you have no maximum hand size.
The Terrans3Energy Shield3Defense05Protects base station. (You can only have one Energy Shield in play at the same time.)
The Terrans1Defense Cannon1Defense21Cannot be attacked by spaceships that has moved this turn or if you have a shield (same as station cards). Cannot move.
The Terrans1Trigger-Happy Joe2Spaceship12Can attack twice per turn.
The Terrans1Thunderbolt2Spaceship23Normal spaceship.
The Terrans1The Gladiator2Spaceship32Normal spaceship.
The Terrans1The Shade4Spaceship43The Shade can only be attacked if it attacked the previous turn.
The Terrans1Hunter3Spaceship32Fast (can move the first turn).
The Terrans1Small Repair Ship2Spaceship13Ability (instead of attack): repair 1 station damage or 3 other damage. Fast (can move the first turn).
The Terrans1Big Repair Ship3Spaceship15Ability (instead of attack): repair 1 station damage or 5 other damage.
The Terrans4Luck0EventCounter a card costing 2 or less.
The Terrans2Battlestar3Spaceship24Normal spaceship.
The Terrans2Avoid2DurationDiscard from play any time: counter a card being played.
The Terrans1Disturbing Sensor4Spaceship03· Enemy missiles can't move or attack. · If opponent after draw phase has more than 1 card in hand, that player discards a card.
The Terrans2Fatal ErrorXEventDestroy any card in play with action cost X.
The Terrans1Deadly Sniper4Spaceship24Long distance shooter. (Can after the first turn shoot targets in enemy zone from home zone)
The Terrans2Discovery0EventDraw 3 cards and the opponent draws 2 cards. [ OR ] Discard 1 card and the opponent discards 2 cards.
The Terrans1The Liberator4Spaceship36Normal spaceship.
The Terrans1Destiny Decided2DurationYou cannot play any card. The opponent can only play 1 card during their turn and this card cannot be an Event (orange) card.
The Terrans2Sabotage0EventOpponent draws 1 card. Look at the opponent's hand, then discard 1 card from hand or one flipped station card.
The Swarm3Carrier7Spaceship06After first turn: send out 3 Drones (discard + draw pile). Put them into play in the same zone as Carrier.
The Swarm15Drone1Spaceship11If played from hand: you may draw a card.
The Swarm4Toxic Gas1DurationDuring your draw phase: deal 1 damage to enemy station, shields protects but receives 2 damage instead of 1.
The Swarm2Fusion Ship2Spaceship13After first turn instead of move & attack: Replace this and 2 ships in same zone by one spaceship from anywhere.
The Swarm4Shield1Defense03Protects base station. (You can have several Shield in play at the same time.)
The Swarm3Alien Missile1Missile51Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both). Damage goes through shield.
The Swarm3Acid Projectile1Missile11If played from hand: you may draw a card. Fast (can move the first turn).
The Swarm3Paralyzer6Spaceship25If attacking a spaceship: target gets paralyzed (turn the card sideways and it cannot do anything until repaired).
The Swarm3Destroy Duration1EventDestroy a duration card [ OR ] Draw 2 cards and then discard a card.
The Swarm2Base Command Link2DurationDuring your draw phase: draw 2 extra cards.
The Swarm2Revive Procedure3EventBring back 1 or 2 cards from your discard pile to your hand. The combined action cost of these cards cannot be more than 6.
The Swarm2Time Warp2DurationCards cost 3 more actions to play (affects both players).
The Swarm2Repair Ship1Spaceship02Ability (instead of attack): repair 1 station damage or 3 other damage.
The Swarm2Disturbing Signals1DurationEnemy missiles cannot move or attack.
The Swarm2Collision Skill3DurationYour spaceships can now do collision instead of attack (the spaceship is destroyed in the attack) with 3 damage.
The Swarm3Drone Leader4SpaceshipX5Attack value of X is equal to the number of Drone cards you have in play. Fast (can move the first turn).
The Swarm3Sacrifice1EventBoth players discard a card in play (if possible).
The Swarm2Nitro1DurationYour spaceships are fast (they can move the first turn they enter play).
United Stars1Death Ray Cannon3Spaceship010During your draw phase: receives 2 counters. Ability: replace counters with Death Ray from anywhere, X = counters.
United Stars1Mega Shield4Defense06Protects base station. During your draw phase: repairs 2 damage from itself.
United Stars3Repair Shield3Defense03Protects base. Ability: Repair 1 damage to station [ OR ] discard to fully repair any spaceship anywhere.
United Stars4Energy Source1DurationDuring your draw phase: receives 2 counters. Remove counters during your action phase to get extra actions. Starts with 2 counters.
United Stars1Secret Deposit1DurationDuring your action phase: you may hide cards from hand under this and/or pick up cards hidden. If destroyed, return cards to hand.
United Stars1Déjà Vu1EventBring back 1 card from your discard pile to your hand.
United Stars3Fate0EventCounter a card that cost 1 or 0. [ OR ] Select a missile (red card). It cannot move or attack this turn.
United Stars1Meteor Shower3DurationDuring your draw phase: deal 1 damage to everything (shields still protect stations).
United Stars1Great Disturbance3DurationEnemy duration cards have no effect.
United Stars2Ambush0EventDeal 3 damage to a single spaceship [ OR ] destroy a paralyzed spaceship.
United Stars1Electrocution6EventParalyze all spaceships, destroy all shields and destroy all missiles.
United Stars1Transformation1DurationRemove from play during another action phase: Repair and then switch the attack and defense value of one of your spaceships.
United Stars2Moment of Peace2DurationSpaceships and missiles can neither move nor attack. During your draw phase: discard Moment of Peace from play.
United Stars3Cancel0EventCounter a card, then discard a card (if you have).
United Stars3Brilliance1EventDraw 3 cards. Then discard 1 card and put another card from your hand on top of your draw pile.
United Stars2Great Plan3EventLook at the top 10 cards of your draw pile. Place 2 of them to your hand and the rest to the bottom of your draw pile in random order.
United Stars2Cluster Nuke3Missile63Slow. Deals 2 extra damage to all cards in same zone and 1 to the station when used or destroyed.
United Stars4Deploy Starship3EventDestroy 3 of your cards in play to search for Starship from anywhere and put it into play.
United Stars1Starhunter4Spaceship23During your draw phase: add two +1/+1 counters. Damage received removes counters and vice versa.
United Stars1Hacker5Spaceship03After first turn, can take control of enemy spaceship as long as Hacker exist. If destroyed, can take control of other.
United Stars1Indestructible Viper4Spaceship34Instead of being destroyed by damage (not event cards) remains at 1 life and gets paralyzed.
United Stars2Resource ship2Spaceship13Ability (instead of attack): remove from play to be an extra station card.
United Stars2Scout4Spaceship25Ability (instead of attack): draw a card.
United Stars2DuplicationXSpaceshipWhen played: Duplication becomes an exact copy of another card you own in play but without damage or counters.
United Stars2Starship9Spaceship312Slow. Can attack twice per turn. Ability: get Death Ray from anywhere to your hand.
United Stars1Death RayXMissileX-Place on Starship. Can be launched next turn instead of normal attack. Long distance. Damage goes through shield.
United Stars2Station Repair1DurationDuring your draw phase: repair 1 station damage. Discard from play any time: repair 2 Station damage.
United Stars2Release of EnergyXEventFor each X: draw 1 card or discard the top 2 cards of the opponent's draw pile.
United Stars2Time Travel Portal3Spaceship05During your draw phase: receives a counter. Ability: remove 3 counters to take an extra turn after this one.
United Stars3Satellite1DurationDuring your draw phase: draw 1 extra card. Discard from play at any time: draw 2 cards.
United Stars1Obstacles3DurationPlayers cannot move or add station cards.
United Stars2Return0EventSelect a flipped station card, or a non-defense card that cost 3 or less. The card goes back to his owner's hand.

Control counting of deck sizes: The Terrans = 60, The Swarm = 60, United Stars = 60.

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