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United Stars1Mega Shield4Defense06Protects base station. Repair itself 3 damage each draw phase.
United Stars3Repair Shield3Defense03Protects base station. Repair 5 damage, 1 damage to station [ OR ] discard to fully repair any spaceship anywhere.
United Stars4Energy Source1DurationEach draw phase gets 2 counters, remove counters in your action phase to receive extra actions. Starts with 2 counters.
United Stars2Secret Deposit1DurationIn your action phase: hide cards from hand under this and/or pick up cards hidden. If destroyed return cards to hand.
United Stars2Déjà vu1EventTake a card from your discard pile and put it to your hand.
United Stars1Meteor Shower3Duration1 damage to everything in your draw phase. Remove from play to make 1 damage to everything (shield protects station).
United Stars2Great Disturbance3DurationEnemy duration cards does not work.
United Stars2Surprise Attack1Event3 damage to a single spaceship.
United Stars1Electrocution6EventParalyze all spaceships, destroys all shields and destroys all missiles.
United Stars2Transformation2EventPlace on spacehip. In your next draw phase fully repair and then switch the attack and defense value of the spaceship.
United Stars2Moment of Peace2DurationAttacks from spaceships and missiles are disabled. Discard from play in your next draw phase.
United Stars4Orders Cancelled0EventCounter a card, then discard a card.
United Stars4Brilliance1EventDraw 3 cards. Then from your hand discard 1 card and put another card on top of your draw pile.
United Stars2Good Plan3EventLook at the top 10 cards from your draw pile, place 2 cards to your hand and the rest to the bottom of your draw pile.
United Stars2Cluster Nuke3Missile63Slow. Deals 2 damage extra to all cards in same zone and 1 to the station when used or destroyed.
United Stars2Deploy Starship3EventDiscard 3 cards from play to find Starship from anywhere and play it for free.
United Stars1Starhunter4Spaceship23Receives a +2 +2 counter each time in your draw phase.
United Stars1Hacker5Spaceship03After first turn, can take control of enemy spaceship as long as this exist. If the spaceship gets destroyed it can take control of another ship.
United Stars1Indestructible Viper4Spaceship34Instead of being destroyed remains at 1 life and gets paralyzed.
United Stars3Resource ship2Spaceship13Instead of attacking can be moved to be an extra station card.
United Stars3Scout4Spaceship25Instead of attack: you may draw a card.
United Stars2DuplicationXSpaceshipCopy card on table. It becomes an exact copy of that card including the amount of actions it cost to play it.
United Stars1Starship10Spaceship612Cost 1 less for each card you have in play. Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both).
United Stars2Death Ray, ChargedXMissileX-Attack value of X. Place on Starship. Starship can launch next turn instead of doing normal attack. Long distance. Damage goes through shield.
United Stars2Station Repair1DurationRepair 1 station damage each draw phase. Discard to repair 1 station damage.
United Stars2Release of EnergyXEventFor each X: draw 1 card or discard the top 2 cards of opponents draw pile.
United Stars2Time Travel Portal3Spaceship05In your draw phase add a counter to this card. Remove 3 counters to take an extra turn after your turn.
United Stars2Satellite1DurationDraw 1 extra card in your draw phase. Discard from play to draw 2 cards.
United Stars1Obstacles3DurationPlayers cannot move or add station cards.
United Stars1Return2EventSelect a damaged station card (flipped) or a card in play that cost 3 or less. That card goes back to the owners hand.

Control counting of deck sizes: The Terrans = 0, The Swarm = 0, United Stars = 60.

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