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Destiny Decided

Name Destiny Decided
Cost 2
Type Duration
Deck The Terrans
Copies 1
Text You cannot play any card. The opponent can only play 1 card during their turn and this card cannot be an Event (orange) card.
Artist Jongsun Lee
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Destiny Decided is a great card to play when you have more cards on the table than the opponent and you are planning to win in 1-2 turns. You will use your spaceships/missiles to win the game and don't really need to play any more cards in order to win.

It will seriously slow down the opponent in the end game when you normally play perhaps 4 cards per turn.

Key event cards that it stops

Card: SupernovaCard: Target MissedCard: Fatal Error

How it can be stopped

Card: NeutralizationCard: Luck

Works really good with

Card: Avoid

Compare With

Card: Time Warp

Changelog During Playtesting

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