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Target Missed

Name Target Missed
Cost 0
Type Event
Deck The Terrans
Copies 3
Text Play during an enemy attack to make the attack fail (missiles are destroyed after attack as normal).
Artist Luca Oleastri
NFTOwned by Kaah
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Great card against both missiles and big spaceships. Excellent to be kept as a station card for later use.

Examples of missiles that it stops

Card: Death RayCard: Nuclear MissileCard: Explosive MissileCard: Fast MissileCard: Cluster NukeCard: Alien Missile

Spaceships with high attack value

Card: The Dark DestroyerCard: The ExterminatorCard: StormfalconCard: The Shade

Cards good against this

Card: Destiny DecidedCard: Time WarpCard: LuckCard: Fate

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