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Name Sabotage
Cost 0
Type Event
Deck The Terrans
Copies 2
Text Opponent draws 1 card. Look at the opponent's hand, then discard 1 card from hand or one flipped station card.
Artist Luca Oleastri
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Sabotage is one of those cards that when you need it you really need it. If you don't think you can find a good card to discard it is better to save it for later. Having it as a flipped station card ready for use any moment can also be great.

Example of cards to remove

Card: SupernovaCard: Target MissedCard: The Dark DestroyerCard: Starship

Great Against

Card: Perfect PlanCard: Déjà Vu

Play your sabotage directly after the opponent gets the needed card in hand.

Good Combo With

Card: Obstacles

Other cards that force the opponent to draw

Card: Discovery

Changelog During Playtesting

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