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The Swarm

The Swarm is the second deck for The Space War. It has been play tested around 300 times so far. More easy to play and more fun but still keeping the strategic aspect. The Swarm wins around 50% of the games versus the The Terrans deck depending on the skill of the person playing.

Just known as "The Swarm" this alien race is very fast and agressive and can quickly overwhelm any opponent.


The small number in the bottom middle of each card indicates the amount of copies of the card. There are 15 copies of Drone in the deck.

Spaceship Cards

Card: DroneCard: Drone LeaderCard: Repair ShipCard: ParalyzerCard: CarrierCard: Fusion Ship

Event Cards

Card: Revive ProcedureCard: SacrificeCard: Destroy Duration

Duration Cards

Card: Disturbing SignalsCard: NitroCard: Toxic GasCard: Base Command LinkCard: Collision SkillCard: Time Warp

Missile Cards

Card: Alien MissileCard: Acid Projectile

Defense Cards

Card: Shield

Complete card list in table format can be found here.

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