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Nuclear Missile

Name Nuclear Missile
Cost 2
Type Missile
Attack 10
Defense 3
Deck The Terrans
Copies 1
Text Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both). Damage goes through shield.
Artist Gabriel Stiernström
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Excellent against big spaceships. Can of course also be used aggressively but tends to get destroyed before being able to hit the opponents station and winning the game, but in any case good to put extra pressure in your attack.

Good Against

Card: The Dark DestroyerCard: StarshipCard: Mega ShieldCard: Energy ShieldCard: The ExterminatorCard: Titan

Good to use with

Card: Target MissedCard: Destiny Decided

Meaning of "Damage goes through shield"

It means that if you have the Nuclear Missile in the enemy zone and attack a shield with for example 4 life remaining it will mean that the shield gets destroyed and the 6 remaining damage will be dealt to the enemy station.

Suggested rule

I have been considering to add the following rule to this card but have not done so in order to not make the game more complicated:
"If destroyed deals 1 damage to all targets in the same zone."

Changelog During Playtesting

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