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The Exterminator

The Exterminator is the second biggest space ship in the game. It is slow but only cost 5 to play.

Title: The Exterminator
Cost: 5
Type: Space Ship
Attack: 5
Defense: 7
Copies: 1
Text: Slow (each turn can either move or attack but not both)
Artist: Luca Oleastri

Cards Good Against This

All those 5 cards are really bad against The Exterminator, especially the first 2 which completely destroys it.

Cards Good With This

Luck is really crucial in order to counter basically all good cards against this. Destiny Decided also blocks Supernova. The repair ships is not only for reactivating from an EMP attack but also for repairing damage taken. Full Force Forward is only recommended here in order to make this ship directly move to the enemy zone saving one turn.

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