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Death Ray Cannon

Name Death Ray Cannon
Cost 3
Type Spaceship
Attack 0
Defense 10
Deck United Stars
Copies 1
Text During your draw phase: receives 2 counters. Ability: replace counters with Death Ray from anywhere, X = counters.
Artist Luca Oleastri
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Remember to include at least one copy of Death Ray when playing with this.

What can stop Death Ray Cannon?

Card: ReturnCard: Fatal ErrorCard: Disturbing SignalsCard: Disturbing SensorCard: EMP MissileCard: ParalyzerCard: ElectrocutionCard: Nuclear Missile

Works Good with Death Ray Cannon

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Changelog During Playtesting

Design Notes From Jim

If the card is proven to powerful in playtesting I will lower the defense from 10 to 8.

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