The Space War

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Nicia Satu

Master of Endurance
Begin the game with any shield in play.
You do not receive 3 damage if your draw pile is empty in your draw phase.
"We are determined to keep fighting this war until the very end, we will never give up. We will fight until our enemy is fully exhausted, and then we will keep fighting strong as long as it takes. And I do not fear The Miller."

Rule Clarification

Commander is always selected directly after drawing the start hand. If you choose a shield card (green) that is in your hand, put it on the table and draw a new card. Otherwise select a shield card from your draw pile and then shuffle your draw pile.

First Edition of this card as a NFT

The NFT of this card is not yet bought by anyone, buy it now for 0.5 ETH or buy another card.

Changelog During Playtesting

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